Devonne (roadskoller) wrote in a_toon,

I'm a little worried

Okay....a lot more than a little worried.
Last winter was brutal. BRUTAL!
This summer has been so mild, that the husband and I are wondering if we're going to have a rerun of last winter.
Our poor little furnace chugged it's little heart out all winter long last year and I'm not sure if it has it in itself to do it again for the coming up winter months.
I hope so.

And just now....I visited the ladies room and when I came out, I noticed my Lady cat on the cat tree. I lifted my arms above my head and made growling noises and walked menacingly towards her. All she did was flip onto her back which is her way to ask for a belly rub.
I'm a flop as a scary monster.

Stan's being obstinate about using his C-pap machine when he sleeps. He's sort of a passive agressive type when it comes to things he's being forced to do.
You should see his hair. He needs to get it cut and it's starting to look like Einstein's hair.
BUT, Schneider trucking knows exactly what's happening inside their trucks.
They know when you're speeding.
They know when you're shifting gears.
They know when you're idling.
They know if you tailgate.
They know if you have to suddenly brake hard.

The computer on board tattle tales like crazy. It'll also tell them if he's using his C-pap machine or not.
Stan says they don't know if you pick your nose or fart, but they're working on that too.
They'll keep him off the road if he doesn't use his machine, so he'll grudgingly use it. Grumbling the whole time.
I think he likes to grumble.....
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